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The Personalised Poem Gift – Introducing our 'anything' poem

The Personalised Poem Gift – Introducing our 'anything' poem - Do Us A Ditty
What gift do you buy the person who seemingly has everything?
It’s a major challenge for many and all too often leads to overspending  (something most of us could do without in the current financial climate). But there is another way to say you care without blowing your budget…

This week we introduced the ‘Personalised Poem Gift’ to our store. Now, we know what your thinking – “isn’t everything you sell technically a personalised poem gift?” – and you’re right. However, this is a poetry gift with a difference.
Unlike our Birthday Poems, Poems for Readings and Speeches, Dad Poems, Mum Poems and our wedding poems for gifts, this one is designed specifically for… anything.

Want to show some love outside of engagements or poems for an anniversary? This is the gift for you. Feel like someone needs a pick me up through poetry? Go for this one.

Whatever you want it to be

The beauty of this new product is that it helps us reach new people with poetry and fills a gap for those looking for something specific. Of course, we already cover the friend poem angle and have delivered many a poem about a best friend with our Personalised Best Friend Poem. The family box is ticked with our Mum Poem and Dad Poem, but what about a poem for a sister, a poem about grandad, or a poem for grandma? Rather than fill our store with poems for every conceivable relation, this is our catch-all poem.

Ready-made for weddings

The same is true for weddings and events. We do great Invitation and Place Card Poems, but this opens up the opportunity for hen do poems, bridesmaid poems and, as with a rather special poem we wrote recently, a ‘will you be my maid of honor?’ poem. The same goes for the guys, with poetry for a groomsmen speech or some serious bromance poetry between the groom and his best man.

And finally, it might surprise you to hear that some of the most common poem requests we get are for people reading poems at a funeral. Funeral poems for a friend are always hard but uplifting and often cathartic, as are poems about a dead loved one, poems in remembrance of someone or something special and other memorial poems. They’re all covered by our new poem.

So, whether you’re tasked with finding a present for those impossible to shop for or are looking for ‘just because’ poems, graveside poems or very specific wedding poems, Do Us A Ditty has the product for you, and it’s called the Personalised Poem Gift or, as it’s dubbed internally, ‘the anything poem’.

The start of something big

A little while ago we promised there’d be new and exciting things coming from Do Us A Ditty and, in addition to our redesign and this new poem, there’s plenty more in store. Watch this space for news or why not sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media to be the first to know. And if we’ve convinced you to order a personalised poem, head over to our store now to check them all out.
Until next time, keep on rhyming.
The Do Us A Ditty Team

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