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Best man and bridesmaid ideas – How you can nail your pre-wedding duties with a personalised stag or hen party poem

Best man and bridesmaid ideas – How you can nail your pre-wedding duties with a personalised stag or hen party poem - Do Us A Ditty

It’s that time of year again. Groups of guys and girls gathering at a neutral location and drinking to excess. Yes, that could describe any Friday night here in the UK, but it’s also stag and hen do season. So why would you need a personalised poem among all the fancy dress and inflatable genitalia?

The key difference between stag and hen dos and a quick trip down the local is that there’s a central player. The lad or lass destined for the aisle. And while the event is all about them, another distinction is the fact that not everyone in the group will know one another. With different friend groups and family members all mingling, it’s no surprise that drinks flow to calm the nerves and encourage camaraderie. However, at the end of the day, everyone’s there with a common goal – to support (literally and figuratively) the person getting married.

Whether it’s a bar, club, Airbnb or far-flung resort, a hen or stag do might not be the type of environment in which you’d expect to find a personalised poem, but it can go a long way to make the hen or stag’s day more special while involving every member of the party. If you’re looking for different ideas for a stag do or activities for a hen do, here are a few you might not have thought of…

A poem for a best friend by their best friends

Do Us A Ditty exists to write poems that get great reactions. Working with the information you provide and your guidance on the tone we should use, we craft perfect personalised poems every time. And when it comes to a stag or hen do, you have the unique opportunity to get input from all areas. The bride or groom’s friends are bound to have some fun and even embarrassing stories to share. Parents, likewise, whether it’s tales about potty training or teenage misadventures. Then there are school friends, work colleagues and more.

Everybody on a stag or hen do has a favourite memory of the husband or wife to be, and they can all be incorporated into a hilarious, heartfelt and highly bespoke poem. By asking for everyone’s input on the poem’s content, your stag or hen group will work together and begin getting to know each other, helping them to bond over funny memories and mutual love for the guest of honour.

Beyond the best man or bridesmaid poem

Normally, the maid of honour or best man will be called on for poem readings like this but, given they’ll likely have speaking responsibilities at the wedding itself (ahem, we can cover that too), they can be forgiven for delegating here. One option would be for each member of the group to be given a poem verse to read out loud. Keep it a secret from the hen or stag and surprise them as each guest chimes in with their own specific rhyme. A bit like the church scene in Love Actually where different musicians keep popping out from the pews to play All You Need Is Love.

Create your own singalong

And speaking of music, while a poem is a great way to bring the stag or hen group together for a good laugh and maybe a few tears, nothing beats a proper singalong. In addition to personalised poems as gifts or for readings, Do Us A Ditty can also write you custom song lyrics set to the tune of your choice. So, whether you’re looking to send off the hen or stag to a gentle ballad or rock the house with a party favourite, you can, quite literally, get everyone singing from the same song sheet.

Think of a piece of music that’s special to your hen or stag (or one that you think will set the best tone), and we’ll transform your ideas into funny or thoughtful lyrics to match it. And a song like this isn’t just a great hen or stag do activity; you can introduce it into the wedding too. Just imagine every guest belting out a chorus all about the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle or head off on honeymoon.

It's a special stag or hen experience and a poem gift in one

A personalised stag or hen party poem (or custom song lyrics) doubles as a unique wedding gift for the bride or groom to keep. A two-in-one, it first makes for a special moment amid the booze and beats that everyone will remember. Then, long after night’s over, the hangovers have worn off, and the imprint of the stripper’s backside has disappeared from the sofa, the sentiment behind the poem remains. You could even choose to get the poem printed and framed as a bespoke gift they can treasure forever. Even if they don’t remember the night itself, they’ll always remember the personalised poem or song put together by their closest friends and family. 

Are you a best man or bridesmaid in search of stag do activities or ideas for hen parties? Maybe you’re in need of a bespoke gift too? If a personalised poem or song sounds like something your soon-to-be-wed will love, get in touch with us and we’ll get to work on the ultimate gift for the bride or groom to be. Check out our store to find out more and order yours today.

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